The mission of the Center for Strategic Research (SAM) is to conduct research on Turkish Foreign Policy and in related domains, to assess current policies, to develop alternative perspectives, to make policy recommendations and to provide new insights. SAM aims to be a global platform for discussions of various international topics and to cooperate with other strategic centers from different countries. It publishes vision papers, policy papers and the quarterly academic journal Perceptions.

SAM has organized speeches, panels, workshops, conferences and forums with the cooperation and participation of partner organizations, academics and experts from a wide range of institutions from both Turkey and abroad. In this respect, the feature which differentiates SAM is its ability to organize activities in cooperation with a wide international network of academics and experts.

Recent developments in our region, the Arab Spring, the economic crisis in Europe, and Turkey’s active and multidimensional foreign policy increase the responsibility of the Center as an advisory body within the Ministry. Therefore, SAM is in the process of restructuring, while expanding its academic and support staff. The center aims to establish itself as an influential and leading research venue.

In 2011, SAM has performed many activities in a wide range of domains including,  inter alia, the Middle Eastern issues, the Arab Spring and its implications, Turkish-Greek relations, relations with Armenia, Turkish-American relations, the geopolitics of Eurasia, the Intellectual Forum on Least Developed Countries, Turkish-Saudi Arabian Relations and the GCC, the Turkish-French Forum, the Media Forum of Turkish-Speaking Countries, the Arab Media Forum, the Turkish-British Tatlıdil Forum, and the Turkish-Italian Forum.