8-10 October 2017 Istanbul

Center for Strategic Research (SAM) has hosted the “Challenges Annual Forum” in Istanbul on 8-10 October 2017. Top UN officials, specialists and academicians attended the Forum and had the opportunity to evaluate a number of vital issues and priorities regarding the peace operations. You can download the agenda by clicking here.

Challenges Forum is Comprised of 42 partner institutions from 22 different countries. Turkey is represented in the Challenges Forum by SAM, Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish National Police. The Forum produces several reports for the benefit of UN Secretariat and member states.

This year’s Annual Forum served a floor to re-evaluate the study entitled “Considerations for Mission Leadership in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations” in several sessions and working groups on topics such as senior mission leadership, mission management, supporting political process, creating a stable environment, respect for human rights. The three-day event started with a welcome reception and continued with a number of expert panels.