14-16 October 2014 Beijing, China

The yearly partnership program of Challenges Forum initiative, which was formed in 1996 to generate ideas about the decision-making, implementation and evaluation processes of peacemaking operations (PKO) and bring those ideas to the attention of UN and stakeholding countries, was held on 14-16 October 2014, hosted by Office of Peacekeeping in Chinese Ministry of National Defence at Yanqi Peacekeepers Training Center nearby Beijing.

The meeting was attended by 126 representatives from 34 countries' government agencies and academic institutions working on peacekeeping issues, including 19 partner countries of the forum as well as SAM and National Police from Turkey.

During the meeting, several speeches and presentations were delivered on possible steps to be taken in order to preserve confidence and prestige of UN PKO's unlike 1990's due to their inability to counter the tragedies at Ruanda and Srebrenica, possible measures to ensure efficiency and productivity of ongoing PKO's, and propositions to be brought before the special advisory panel formed by UN Peacekeeping Department at the order of UN Secretary General. At the partners' dialogue session, a presentation was delivered by Turkish representatives about Turkey's contributions to global PKO's, as well as internal and external tenets of Turkey's approach to peacemaking concept.

Final evaluations on the Challenges Forum report on "Designing Mandates for Peacekeeping Operations", which includes observations and opinions through the Forum's events in 2012-2014 period, were also conducted during the meeting. The report is planned to be announced at another partners' meeting before the end of 2014, which is also intended to be a venue for initial propositions for the Forum's agenda in 2015-2017 period.