16 October 2014 Istanbul

A congress entitled "The Great War and the Ottoman Empire: Origins" was conducted in cooperation by Center for Strategic Research (SAM) and Marmara University on 16 October 2014 in Istanbul.

The congress welcomed a number of distinguished academics such as Prof. Jay Winter (Yale University), Prof. Feroze Yasamee (Manchester University), Prof. Feroz Ahmad (Yeditepe University) and Prof. Namik Sinan Turan (Istanbul University) who provided the audience an in-depth insight into the Great War.

 Including very precise dynamics that drew the Ottoman State into the War, the Congress presented a floor either to share broad figures on the war or to discuss the war’s inversion from a real Clausewitzian war into an absolute form of war owing to the use of WMDs. Moreover, the social and political basis of the then government’s alliance choices and Germany’s pre-war consideratios regarding a possible ally who would dominate the Muslim World were evaluated as well.

The participants shared their ideas and suggestions and responded to various questions from each other during the Q&A session at the end of every session.