24 February 2015 Ankara

Turkic Council, SAM and Center for Eurasian Studies (AVİM) have coordinated a meeting entitled “Turkic Council And Cooperation In Eurasia in the aftermath of Recent Regional Developments” in Ankara, on 24 February 2015. Following the keynote speeches of Deputy Undersecretary Ambassador Ali Kemal Aydın and Secretary-General of Turkic Council Ambassador Ramil Hasanov, SAM Chairman Prof. Ali Resul Usul, Director of AVİM Ambassador (ret.) Alev Kılıç and former Secretary-General of Turkic Council Ambassador (ret.) Halil Akıncı delivered seminal speeches.

The event brought together prominent academics, diplomats, students and members of non-governmental organizations highlighting their areas of research and share their understandings related to setbacks to cooperation in Eurasia. Moreover, the participants debated over the pioneer agreements of the Turkich Council,  put forward suggestions regarding the issues of Turkic world and evaluated future perspectives on a stronger Eurasia.

Participants shared their ideas and views and responded to various questions from each other during the Q&A session.

Fotograph: Hazel ÇAĞAN, AVİM