23 December 2015 Istanbul

In the framework of the project entitled “Diplomacy in 21st Century”, work in progress, Center for Strategic Research is planning to publish a book and to organize a conference that will bring together leading academicians on the subject in an effort to discuss the evolving aspects of diplomacy in 21st century. The project mainly aims at discussing “what are emerging trends?” in conducting diplomacy in 21st century.

Within this context, an introduction and consultation session among the participants of the project were held on 23 December 2015, at İstanbul Şehir University. During the meeting, academicians exchanged their views on the framework of the conference and publication, discussed the contents of the envisaged book and set a timetable for the project.

The subtopics that are planned to be discussed in the book and during the conference are as follows: History and Diplomacy, Energy Diplomacy, International Law, Human Rights and Diplomacy, Environmental Diplomacy, Economic Diplomacy, Diplomacy and International Criminal Courts, Coercive Diplomacy, Conceptualization of Power and Diplomacy, Conflict Resolution and Diplomacy, Humanitarian Diplomacy, Health Diplomacy, Public Diplomacy, Cultural Diplomacy, Diplomacy Training, Refugee Diplomacy and Digital Diplomacy.