14 June 2013 Washington

“The Fourth Annual Conference on Turkey” was organised on 14th June 2013 in the National Press Club by the cooperation of the Center for Strategic Research (SAM) and Washington based think-tank The Middle East Institute’s Center for Turkish Studies (MEI).

The conference which is subdivided into four panels endeavoured to shed light on the Turkish Foreign Policy’s responses vis-à-vis the regional and domestic challenges. Members of SAM consisting of Prof Bülent Aras, SAM Chairman, Assoc Prof Mesut Özcan, SAM Deputy Chairman, and Assoc Prof Şaban Kardaş of TOBB ETU University presented in the second panel entitled “Debating Turkish Foreign Policy in a Changing Global and Regional System”.

On the course of the event, policy makers, academics and experts discussed the continuing situation in Syria, transformation of the Turkish Foreign Policy especially within the last two decades, Turkey’s domestic peace process and Turkish-Iranian-Iraqi relations, respectively, in each panel. Additionally, Turkey’s and global community’s response to the mass demonstrations in the Middle East, Turkey’s domestic politics, Arab awakening and its impact on the Turkey-EU relations and Turkey’s Balkan politics were also discussed in the Q&A and discussion sessions of the panels.