16 May 2012 Tirana, Albania

Tirana step of SAM’s “From Balkan Wars to Balkan Peace” project was held in cooperation with our Albanian partner Institute of Balkan Studies of the European University of Tirana, on 16 May 2012 under the title of “European Union Integration Process”. Click here to access the program of the workshop.

At the first session of the workshop entitled “EU Integration Process and the Balkans: Impediments and Challenges”, current political and socio-economic situation of the Balkans and the EU enlargement process were evaluated in light of historical perspective. Assoc. Prof Enika Abazi emphasized on concepts of “Balkanization myth” and “securitization”, while Prof.Dr. Bülent Aras examined the EU perspective for the Balkans in a detailed framework. In addition, participants gave speeches entitled “ Results of Balkan Wars and its Effects Today”, “Balkan Wars and Albanians”, “EU Enlargement: Nature of Changing EU Conditionality and its Effect to Balkans”

At the “EU Integration Process and the Balkans: Capabilities and Opportunities” session chaired by SAM Vice President Dr. Mesut Özcan, EU membership process of the Balkan countries and possible acquisitions of the EU from enlargement towards Balkans were discussed. In the Panel, it is focused on that integration of West Balkans to the EU may create a transformative acceleration for the Union and integration will make a positive contribution to the stability in Balkan countries.

The day long panels and the question-answer session created a productive discussion environment for academicians and students. During the workshop, participants emphasized on the necessity to enhance dialogue among Balkan nations for settlement of disputes and had the opportunity to voice different ideas and exchange opinions in this direction.