03 October 2017 Ankara

At the Meeting of Foreign Ministers on 5th of August 2017, Sectoral Dialogue Partnership (SDP) was launched between Turkey and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It is very meaningful that the decision is taken during Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu’s visit to the Philippines to attend a series of events held within the ASEAN Meetings and in the year ASEAN is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The organization, in terms of its political and economic dimensions, has exceeded the expectations and goals of its founders who convened in Bangkok on 8th of August 1967.

It is evident that ASEAN's achievements will improve in the coming 50 years.

Our country has taken important steps in strengthening corporate bonds with ASEAN, an indispensable political and economic platform in the Southeast Asia region, in accordance with our politics towards the Asia-Pacific region. In this context, our country became a contracting party to ASEAN Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation (TAC) in 2010. Foreseeing more concrete cooperation between ASEAN and third countries in different sectors SDP will be a turning point in terms of our relationship with the organization.

Turkey considers ASEAN as an efficient regional integration mechanism in its region. Turkey appreciates the role that ASEAN plays on the protection of political stability, economic welfare and social stability in Southeast Asia. Turkey supports ASEAN’s effort to keep the prosperity and the welfare of the peoples of it as well as the effort to guarantee the presence of ASEAN in inclusive, confidential, regional and international matters in the upcoming years.

The Action Plan presented by Turkey within the framework of SDP includes concrete projects that can contribute to ASEAN's endeavors.

Turkey, which will open an embassy in Laos, will be represented in the capitals of all ASEAN’s member states and work together to craft and implement the roadmap and the action plan.

For the purpose of discussing the partnership between Turkey and ASEAN within the scope of the Action Plan, an international conference was held in Ankara on 3rd of October 2017 titled “At the 50th anniversary of ASEAN Potentials of Turkey’s Sectoral Dialogue Partnership of ASEAN” hosted by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The conference enabled fruitful, inspiring discussions over Turkey- ASEAN political, economic relations.

Agenda of Conference is enclosed.

Agenda of Conference