Center for Strategic Research (SAM), in collaboration with Koç University Migration Research Center (MiReKoc) will conduct an international conference entitled "International Migration and Diplomacy" on 18 May 2016, in Istanbul. Concept Paper of the event is presented below:

"All countries face the challenges of migration controls. In today’s world, international migration is a key public policy area with implications for international relations and diplomacy.  In the context of the EU, the externalization of border policies has led to the increasing involvement of the EU in the border infrastructure of the so-called transit countries, in the negotiations of re-admission agreements to deport irregular migrants and rejected asylum seekers as well as the increasing activities of international/ intergovernmental/local organisations. Similar tendencies of migration management can be observed over the globe. On the one hand, our interest thus focuses on the policy and legal analysis of practices preoccupation with migration policies, considering the EU as well as the United States, Australia and implications for external borders of these continents. On other hand, the conference invites contributors to reflect on international migration controls questions from the perspective of political science, international relations and foreign affairs. The aim of the conference is to reflect on cross-regional comparisons, on perspectives of different states, going beyond the dichotomy between sending and receiving states."