Summer - Autumn 2017


Introduction to the Issue: Energy and International Relations – Mert BİLGİN

Current issues in regional and global energy include a myriad
of challenges and opportunities. This special issue on energy policy
and international relations brings out academic findings on factors
that affect various processes of energy business, energy diplomacy,
and energy economics with reference to the theory and policymaking
aspects of international relations. Normative, qualitative
and quantitative methodological approaches are used by the authors,
who have focused on various aspects of the link between energy
and international relations with reference to “fossil fuels, nuclear
and renewable energy”, “oil prices”, “energy investments”, “legal and
normative frameworks”, “the impact of shale”, “environmental restraints and
challenges”, “the rise of natural gas as a remarkable energy
security parameter and yet with further geopolitical competition”,
“capabilities and restraints of natural resource-based economies and
their power politics”, “conventional and unconventional production”,
“energy cooperation at regional and global scales”, and “energy transport
and transit corridors”.

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