23 June 2014 Bishkek- Kyrgyzstan

IX. Forum of Shanghai Cooperation Organization on Contemporary Challenges of Economic Development of SCO Region has been organized on 23 June 2014 in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic by National Institute for Strategic Studies of the Kyrgyz Republic. A delegation comprising SAM Chairman Prof. Ali Resul Usul and Assoc. Prof. Hasan Ali Karasar attended on behalf of SAM and delivered presentations at the conference.

During the forum, a series of sessions were conducted and presentations and speeches were delivered under the titles of "SCO and Formation of a New Geo-Economic Reality, SCO Countries and the Regional Economic Cooperation, Perspective for Economic Cooperation in the Framework of SCO, Collaboration of SCO Countries in the Fields of Culture, Education and Tourism and Collaboration of SCO Countries in Finances and Investment by prominent guests including high level politicians, bureaucrats and academicians.

Participants shared their ideas and views and responded to various questions from each other during the Q&A session.

In the context of program, SAM delegation paid a visit to Turkish Embassy of Bishkek and TIKA Bishkek Coordinatorship.