15 October 2012 Keele, United Kingdom

Fourth of the “Keele Seminars on Modern Turkey” was held on 15 October 2012 in the Keele Hall, Keele University. The seminar series is hosted by School of Politics, International Relations, and Philosophy (SPIRE) with the collaboration of the Center for Strategic Research of the Turkish Foreign Ministry (SAM).

Prof.  Bülent Aras, Chairman of SAM, Prof Bulent Gokay, Head of SPIRE, Dr Tarık Oğuzlu from Antalya University, and Dr Sadık Ünay from Yildiz Technical University gave seminars on different aspects of the “Turkey’s Rising Power Status”.

Prof Gokay elucidated the “Global Power Shift and Turkey as an Emerging Power” and Dr Unay focused on “the Political Economy of Turkey’s Rising Power” while Prof Aras outlined Turkey’s global initiatives in his speech entitled “Turkey’s Emergence as a Semi-peripheral Power: New Openings in Asia, Africa, and Latin America” and Dr Oguzlu reassessed Turkey’s position from a Western viewpoint in his presentation entitled “Turkey as a Global Actor: Western Dimension.”

“Keele Seminars on Modern Turkey” are co-organized by SPIRE and SAM upon the agreement of 24 January 2012 signed by Professor Gokay, Head of SPIRE, and Professor Aras, Chairman of SAM, so as to organise lecture series on Turkish politics and foreign affairs by visiting speakers from Turkey.