2016 marked the 25th anniversary of the
restoration of Azerbaijan’s state independence.
Able to reinstate independence twice in the
past century- in 1918 and 1991- Azerbaijan
carries on its ancient and prolific tradition of
statehood. This also means twice ridding itself
of occupation in a single century and makes
state sovereignty the greatest accomplishment
and asset for the country. Throughout a
25 year journey under such complicated
circumstances, Azerbaijan has gone from
being a country with a stagnant economy
to becoming the leader nation in the South
Caucasus. This nation has become a reliable
energy security partner, and has evolved from
being a recipient of international aid to a
donor country. Initially, an average member
of the international community, Azerbaijan
eventually reached the level of non-permanent
member of the UN Security Council (2012-
2013). This article reviews the evolution of the
foreign policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
over the last 25 years.