24 October 2013 Ankara

A round table meeting with the theme of  “Turkish Foreign Policy’s Asia Agenda” was held in Ankara on 24 October 2013 with the cooperation between SAM and Prime Ministry’ Office of Public Diplomacy.

Prof. Prasenjit Duara, National University of Singapore, Prof. Amitav Acharya, American University, Mehmet Metin Eker, General Director, Ministry of Development, Assoc. Prof. Şaban Kardaş, Advisor at Diplomacy Academy, Prof. Mark Selden, Cornell University, Assist. Prof. Bahadır Pehlivantürk, TOBB ETU attended to the meeting as well as representatives from Ministry of Development, Prime Ministry’ Office of Public Diplomacy, Turkish International Development Agency (TİKA) and the Middle East Technical University.

Throughout the meeting, Turkish Foreign Policy towards its immediate vicinity and its repercussion on Turkey’s perception of global politics were elaborated. Besides, Turkey’s policy of being an active member of Asia politics, regarding its strong will to take part in international organizations based in Asia, was assessed. In addition, given the foreign guests’ profound expertise on Asia, present situation and the future of Asia, especially China and India were discussed in detail.