18 December 2012 Ankara

A roundtable discussion on Russian foreign policy with cooperation of SAM and Policy the Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW) of the Polish Foreign Ministry was organised on 18th December 2012.

The meeting initiated with a presentation by Dr Marek Menkiszak, Head of OSW’s Russian Department at OSW. The participants were academics and Russia experts from think tanks as well as diplomats from respective departments of the MFA including the Deputy General Directorates of East Europe, Bilateral Economic Relations and North Europe and Baltics.

Following the key issues, i.e. the Russian foreign policy’s priority subjects and areas including post-Soviet area, China, the EU and the US, bases of influence, projects such as Eurasian Union and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Russian strategies on the Middle East, Central Asia and Baltics, the discussions took place in Q&A session particularly on Russia’s relations vis-à-vis the EU, Belarus, Ukraine and the Middle Eastern countries and its stance on the Eurasian Union.