26 November 2014 Shanghai, China

A roundtable meeting was jointly organized by SAM and SIIS on the topic of “Turkish and Chinese Perspective on Peace and Security in Eurasia” on 26 November 2014 in Shanghai, China.

The meeting was moderated by SAM Chairman Prof. Dr. Ali Resul Usul with participation of Prof. Dr. Ekrem Tatoğlu from Bahçeşehir University, Dr. Altay Atlı from Boğaziçi University, Dilşat Uyguroğlu from Unilever Company and SIIS Delegation which was represented by SIIS President Prof. Dr. Chen Dongxiao, Prof.Ye Qing, Dr.Jin Liangxiang, Prof. Zhao Gancheng and Prof. Shao Yuqun as well as representatives from Institute.

During the meeting, rise of East Asia and impacts of emergence of the region on world politics, energy issues, development of Silk Road Economic Region, Turkey and China’s policies towards Eurasia and Middle East and their relations with the countries of the region, Turkey’s former chairmanship of CICA and China’s new chairmanship of CICA and political, economic and cultural aspects of bilateral relations between Turkey and China were discussed. Furthermore, the ongoing crises in Syria and the possible ways of solution were evaluated.

The participants shared their ideas and suggestions, and responded to various questions from each other during the Q&A segments at the end of every session.

The SAM delegation also paid a visit to The Middle East Studies Institute in Shanghai International Studies University and discussed future cooperation fields.