The mission of the Center for Strategic Research (SAM) is to conduct research on Turkish foreign policy and in related domains, to assess current policies, to develop alternative perspectives, to make policy recommendations and to provide new insights. SAM aims to be a global platform for discussion of various international topics and to cooperate with other strategic centers in different countries. SAM publishes Vision Papers, SAM Papers and the quarterly academic journal Perceptions: Journal of International Affairs.

In 2012 SAM organised: the‘Turkish-Italian Forum’; the ‘From Balkan Wars to Balkan Peace Project; the ‘Turkey Week’, which consisted of panels and cultural activities across Azerbaijan in Baku, Nakhchivan, Lankaran and Gence; Lectures on Modern Turkey at Keele University; Seminars on Contemporary Turkey at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). SAM has also performed many activities in a wide range of domains, including, inter alia, recent developments in the Middle East, the Arab Spring and its implications, Turkey’s relations with the EU and NATO, Turkish-American relations, Turkey’s relations with Asian countries, and the geopolitics of Eurasia.

With its commitment to contributing to the body of knowledge and facilitating constructive debate, particularly on Turkish foreign policy, SAM continues to serve as a leading think-tank and research center. While doing so, it endeavors to promote interaction and mutual benefit for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NGOs, other think-tanks and the broader scientific community, thereby strengthening the human and intellectual capital of Turkey.