The Center for Strategic Research (SAM) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey is a think-tank and research center that has been active since May 1995. SAM was established as a consultative body to provide decision-makers with scholarly and scientific assessments of relevant issues in the agenda of Turkish foreign policy and contemporary international relations.

SAM conducts research and organizes scholarly events relevant to the ever expanding spectrum of Turkish foreign policy, in partnership with Turkish and foreign experts and various counterparts from around the world, as well as from domestic and international universities and government agencies. SAM provides consultancy to the relevant departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other state institutions. In an effort to bolster its international partnerships, it has also worked towards establishing professional networks among regional and international think-tanks. In addition to its role in generating up-to-date and reliable information and insightful analyses as a think-tank, SAM functions as a forum for candid debate and discussion for those interested in regional and international issues. Increasingly, SAM has become a center of attraction as a venue that facilitates exchange of ideas, since it successfully brings scholars and policymakers together through numerous panels, in-house meetings, seminars and training programs for young diplomats it has been organizing recently.

SAM has a widening range of publications, which have become its main contribution to the scholarly community. Along with its flagship publication, Perceptions, a quarterly English-language academic journal that features contributions from distinguished Turkish and international scholars, SAM continues to publish SAM Papers that offer extended analyses of historical and contemporary issues in Turkish foreign policy and international relations. SAM has initiated Vision Papers, which articulates the views of the Minister of Foreign Affairs on pressing international issues, with an eye to stimulating informed debate on these themes worldwide. As the latest addition to SAM’s publication activities, SAM Policy Papers presents scholarly analyses by Turkish and international academics on topics of interest to the policy community.

With its commitment to contributing to the body of knowledge and facilitating constructive debate, particularly on Turkish foreign policy, SAM continues to serve as a leading think-tank and research center. While doing so, it endeavors to promote interaction and mutual benefit for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NGOs, other think-tanks and the broader scientific community, thereby strengthening the human and intellectual capital of Turkey.

Annual Report 2013