SAM Papers No 21:
The Future of the Libyan Quagmire: Challenges and Prospects


Ever since the February 17 Revolution in 2011, Libya has gone through various phases of turmoil, instability, power struggle and meddling by international actors. The political and security landscape in the country has been heating up since 2020, as the political process proceeds. However, Libya remains fragile due to the many potential challenges and risks, while external players demand sustainable solutions and a clear pathway for the future. Since the pre-revolution period, many countries have had various interests in Libya, and have pursued different policies toward the country both during Gadhafi’s rule and after the revolution. With- out any doubt, the various policies conducted by many countries toward Libya have had a considerable impact on the way things have unfolded there, especially after the revolution—so much so that it is inconceivable to analyze the current situation in Libya without referring to the interventions by both regional and global actors.

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