SAM Papers


SAM Papers No 17: New Balance of Power in the Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey

Currently, the Eastern Mediterranean Sea is brewing as a region of potential conflict rather than cooperation due to continuous geopolitical and geo-economic competition among various actors, not only at the national level but also at regional and strategic levels.


Sam Papers No 16: On Turkey’s Missile Defense Strategy: The Four Faces of the S-400 Deal Between Turkey and Russia

The S-400 deal signed between Turkey and Russia has sparked an intense debate in the international arena, where harsh criticisms have been leveled against Turkey, extending from whether Turkey needs to spend billions of dollars to buy an air defense system whose effectiveness has not yet been...


SAM Paper No:15 Turkey and The United Nations Reform: Turkey’s Case for a More Effective, Representative and Participatory United Nations

This SAM Paper explores the origins, characteristics, and implications of Turkey’s call for a United Nations (UN) reform which could make the UN a more effective, representative and participatory international organization. The key highlights of the SAM Paper are as follows: The SAM Paper claims that the existing UN system needs to be reformed due...


SAM Papers No:14 Leading Peace Operations: Turkey’s Experience

This policy brief focuses on Turkey’s leadership in peace operations in Somalia (UNOSOM II) and Afghanistan (ISAF II and VII). It explains the events leading to the establishment of these operations, provides a brief history, and explores their mission in order to provide a better understanding of Turkey’s...


SAM Paper No:13 Turkey and the OIC: Greater Economic Cooperation, Opportunities and Challenges

This paper aims to analyze potential future areas of greater cooperation between Turkey and the other OIC member economies. It then provides some specific policy recommendations. In particular, the paper aims to contribute to economic policymaking efforts in terms of the potential future areas


SAM Papers No:11 The United Nations Peace Operations and Motivations at the Roots of Turkey’s Involvement

Doç. Dr. Uğur Güngör

This policy brief studies the evolution of United Nations peace operations and aims at analyzing the motivations that lie at the root of Turkey’s involvement in peace operations, mostly organized under the leadership of the United Nations in the post-Cold War era. The brief puts forth the argument that participation in such...


SAM Papers No:10 Demokrasi, Otoriterlik, Uluslararası Politika: Entegre Bir Yaklaşım Arayışı

Prof. Dr. Ali Resul Usul

Uluslararası İlişkiler literatüründe siyasal rejimlerin doğası ve uluslararası siyasete olan etkisi genel olarak Demokratik Barış Tezi (DBT) çerçevesinde tartışılmaktadır. Bu tezi, yaklaşım ya da teoriyi savunanlar ve karşı çıkanlar akademik alanlarda tartışmayı sürdürmektedirler. Bununla birlikte, DBT, sadece bir teori değil aynı zamanda ...


SAM Papers No:9 La política Exterior de Turquía en el Siglo XXI: La Diplomacia Cultural y el Poder Blando

Mehmet Özkan

La politica turca cambio radicalmente despues del 3 de noviembre de 2002, cuando el Partido de la Justicia y el Desarrollo (AK Parti - PJD) gano suficientes escanos en el parlamento para formar un gobierno en solitario. Considerado este hecho como un terremoto politico, el PJD ha sido el primer partido que ha conseguido gobernar en mayoria en Turquia durante la ultima decada. Antes...


SAM Papers No:8 Human Rights and the Transformation Process in Turkey

Bülent Arınç

The increase in the number of nation-states and the violent wars of the last century has triggered the evolution of a new approach that seeks to find a place for the individual in international law. In other words, human rights has become internationalised and this is for the good of all humanity. Today, the fundamental human rights principles, such as justice, equality and freedom,...


SAM Papers No:7 A Dictionary of Turkish Foreign Policy in the AK Party Era: A Conceptual Map

Murat Yeşiltaş and Ali Balcı

This study aims to describe the foreign policy discourses and practices which have seen wide use in the era of the Justice and Development Party (the AK Party). Given the fact that concepts do not emerge independently of their historical context, this study argues that the AK Party government’s foreign policy can be analysed through the dominant concepts that have been used. The


SAM Papers No:6 Turkey’s Regional Approach in Afghanistan: A Civilian Power in Action

Doç. Dr. Şaban Kardaş

This policy brief studies Turkey’s contributions to the resolution of the Afghan conflict by focusing on its regional approach. The brief puts forth the argument that Afghanistan provides a good show-case to demonstrate the elements of a new security culture Turkey has adopted in its post-Cold War transformation. Reflecting the growing power of...


SAM Papers No:5 Making Sense of Turkish-EU Relations in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring

Bülent Aras

Both the EU’s recognition of the importance of its value system and Turkey’s rediscovery of its European component in its foreign policy identity have occurred during a period of radical transformation in the Mediterranean region. The Arab Spring has resulted in a process of renegotiation over territory, identity and...


SAM Papers No:4 Turkey’s Mediation and Friends of Mediation Initiative

Bülent Aras

This brief critically examines a new area of activism in Turkey’s foreign policy agenda: Turkey’s rise as a mediator in regional and international crises zones. It contextualizes Turkey’s reliance on a multitude of actors to support its mediation initiatives, most notably its vibrant civil society and NGOs, as a successful...


SAM Papers No:3 Turkey’s New Horizon: Turks Abroad and Related Communities

Kemal Yurtnaç

Across the world, there are many countries that have established institutions to serve and engage with their citizens and kin living abroad. Such institutions are called Diaspora Ministry/ Department in some cases, while in others they operate as independent units under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The dissolution of the Soviet...


SAM Papers No:2 Religion and Secularism in the Modern World: A Turkish Perspective

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez

This policy brief presents an alternative perspective on the relationship between religion and politics by employing an inter-disciplinary framework. Identifying two problematic approaches to the role of religion in modern world – viewing religion as an artifact of the past and neglecting the everyday realities of religion – the author proposes to...


SAM Papers No:1 The ‘Arab Spring’ and the Rise of the 2.0 Version of Turkey’s ‘zero problems with neighbors’ Policy

Doç. Dr. Tarık Oğuzlu

This brief seeks to explain the challenges facing Turkey’s ‘zero problems with neighbors’ policy in the context of the developments associated with the ‘Arab Spring.’ How Turkey’s foreign policy understanding will be affected by the tumultuous changes in the region, and how Turkey should cope with these changes require urgent answers.. .