15 July - 2 August 2013 Ankara

SAM admits full-time and part-time interns throughout the year from undergraduates as well as graduate students who want to gain knowledge and experience in Turkish Foreign Policy. Although the interships are unpaid, the insight and experience they offer is priceless. Responsibilities of interns include, but not limited to, doing research on topics ranging from history to Turkish foreign policy, assisting the SAM staff, attending academic meetings as note takers and preparing post-meeting reports.

Within the scope of internship, interns have the opportunity of meeting experienced diplomats, having detailed information about the Ministry’s admission process and attending classes of academic advisors of SAM. Besides, they have the opportunity to participate national and international conferences and enrich their theoretical knowledge of foreign policy. The participants have a better idea on how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs functions, develop personal networks with the diplomats and become a part of SAM Alumni. At the end of the internship period, the successful interns are awarded with a certificate of completion.