2-7 July 2012 Trabzon

A total number of 60 speakers and 106 students from different countries as well as Turkey attended the Summer School, orginzed by the Center for Middle Eastern Strategic Research in cooperation with SAM and Karadeniz Technical University on 2-7 July 2012, in Trabzon.

At the inaguration ceremony, Deputy Chairman of SAM, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mesut Özcan stated that the Center had contributed to the  project by inviting diplomats from different departments of the Ministry in the frame of importance given to public diplomacy practices. In this regard, the below stated officials made presentations on various issues.

  • Mustafa Kemalettin Eruygur, Deputy Directorate General for Western Africa, Head of Department
  • Ahmet Başar Şen,  Deputy Directorate General for Middle East, Head of Department
  • Efe Ceylan,  Deputy Directorate General for Relations with Iraq, Head of Section
  • Özgür Şahin, Deputy Directorate General for Central Asia and Caucasia, Head of Section
  • Ali Rıza Akıncı, Department of Human Resources, Second Secretary

In addition, Ambassador (Ret.) Numan Hazar and Ambassador (Ret.) Halil Akıncı have pointed out the roles of the Economic Cooperation Organisation and Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States respectively, on regional development.

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