Summer & Winter School

The Center for Strategic Research (SAM) organizes summer and winter schools annualy in order to give an outline of the activities in the Ministry and provide ideas about Turkish foreign policy as well as the profession of diplomacy for university students who are interested in foreign policy and international relations. In this sense, the first summer school was held in 2011 and the first winter school was held in 2012.
In 2017, the 6th winter school was held between January 30 and February 3. Besides career and consular officers’ position in the Ministry, the participants were briefed on Turkish foreign policy characteristics, strategies and various regional policies.
Within the framework of the programme, the participants found the opportunity to meet the diplomats in the Ministry and learn about their experiences regarding the profession of diplomacy face to face, while being informed about Turkish foreign policy and the activities in the Ministry.
Furthermore, the Winter School Programme provide the participants a chance to meet the diplomats, living abroad most of the time and representing their countries.


Winter School Program for Turkish Students Studying Abroad

Winter School program for Turkish Students Studying Abroad is conducted annually since 2013. Within the margin of the program, Turkish students who are receiving their education in various abroad universities are briefed by senior diplomats, and top-level bureaucrats on matters such as Turkey's bilateral relations, mediation activities, the structure of and career opportunities at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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