Dec 23-25, 2011 Konya

A three day long workshop that is the first of its kind designed specifically for the graduate students studying Turkish Foreign Policy was successfully held in Konya. SAM, The Office of Public Diplomacy of the Prime Ministry and Selçuk University jointly organized the workshop that hosted around 100 master’s and doctorate students from various universities in the country specializing on Turkish Foreign Policy issues.

Prof. Ibrahim Kalın and Prof. Şaban Çalış opened the sessions with an intriguing debate on the role of values and principles in Turkish Foreign Policy. SAM Chairman Prof. Bülent Aras and Prof. Meliha Altunışık of METU continued with the mechanisms of Turkish Foreign Policy in the following session. Both debates were intensified with Q&A’s from the students.

The second day of the workshop was reserved for smaller focus groups discussing the specific fields of Turkish Foreign Policy such as Transatlantic Relations, The Middle East, Eurasia, the Balkans and Global Openings. The findings of each group were turned into small reports in the end of the workshop.

Among their busy schedule, the participants had the opportunity to enjoy the traditional Konya food and visit Rumi Museum.