TurkPA, as an example of an international
parliamentary institution (IPI), constitutes
a forum for parliamentary diplomacy and
serves as the parliamentary dimension of the
cooperation and integration of Turkic countries
in Eurasia. IPIs provide new channels for the
exchange of views and sharing of experiences,
namely through parliamentary diplomacy.
The common goal of those institutions and
parliamentary diplomacy is to use debate,
dialogue and personal contacts to enable
parliamentarians in different countries to
better understand each other, help one another,
and therefore provide an alternative channel
to facilitate intraregional communication. This
is why these institutions also carry a symbolic
importance. After the dissolution of the
Soviet Union, the Turkic states in the region
showed their dedication to acting together
in a coordinated way by establishing the
Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic Speaking
States (TurkPA). Today, TurkPA provides
oversight to regional problems, harmonises
laws and policies towards regional integration,
and makes recommendations for legislation,
democratic institutions, election observation
missions, and good governance, among other