Important changes have shaped the Eastern
Mediterranean since the discovery of energy
resources and the disintegration of Turkish-
Israeli relations. The widening divergence in
interests between Turkey and Israel provided
the geopolitical impetus for the development of
a rapprochement between Israel and the South
Cyprus Greek Administration (SCGA). Shortly
after the 2010 Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla,
Israel began forming ties with the SCGA.
In particular, the relations between Israel
and the SCGA have blossomed over mutual
concerns about the energy resources in the
Eastern Mediterranean, while at the same time
political, military and economic cooperation
among Israel, Greece and the SCGA have
significantly increased. Moreover, regional
instability prompted by the Arab Spring left
the Jewish state with little choice but to form
alternative friends among the states close to its
geographical vicinity. In many ways, Israel’s
developing relations with the SCGA seem to
constitute a precursor of broader political and
military cooperation, and an alignment of