This article differentiates substantial factors
from circumstantial ones in order to map
the degree of their significance for Turkey’s
energy policy with highlights concerning
Turkey’s foreign policy. It primarily focuses on
the consequences of US energy transition, in
which the shale revolution plays a dominant
role, as one of the most significant sources of
the substantial change with a direct influence
on global energy, Turkey’s energy strategy
and, therefore, indirectly on Turkey’s foreign
relations. It is not meant to simply identify
substantial changes with one independent
variable as if they are mere consequences of
the US energy transition. The article aims at
bringing out the technological, economic and
geopolitical features of US energy transition
in order to point to their interactions with
Turkey’s international relations in general,
and Turkey’s energy strategy in particular.
This problematic deserves a further, indepth
analysis, not only because there is a
lack of research on the impact of the US shale
revolution and US energy transition in terms
of their consequences at the domestic, global
and international levels, but also because it
may highlight policy options concerning energy
strategy and foreign relations in due course.