9- 10 May 2012 Ankara

Turkey - Africa Media Forum” was held on 9-10 May 2012 under the auspices of H.E. Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, the Directorate General of Press and Information under the Prime Ministry with contribution of SAM and African Media Initiative. The current status of the economic, social and cultural relationship between Turkey and African States is evaluated during the Forum within the context of media. 280 media members from 54 African Union countries  participated in the Forum.

 Within the scope of the Forum, panels entitled “ Turkey and Africa: Opportunities and Challenges”, “Africa in Turkish Foreign Policy and Turkish Media”, “Media as an Effective Factor in Raising Awareness on Development, Migration, Environment and Health Issues”, “Media as Mediator: Winning the War Against  Conflicts and Terrorism”, “Social Media in Turkey and African Countries: Impact of Social Media in Enhancement of Democratic Culture”, “Non-governmental Organizations as Effective Actors in the Equation of Challenges and Opportunities”, “Turkey and Africa: Media, Communication and Technology” and “Framework for Cooperation between Turkish and African Media Institutions”.

 In the “ Media as Mediator: Win the War Against  Conflicts and Terrorism” Panel, of which SAM Chairman Prof. Bülent Aras is moderator,  Ankara Representative of Hurriyet daily Metehan Demir, Director of A Semena daily Flomena Silva, Hany Al Sayed from Al Gamhariya daily, Albert Chaibou from Niger and Willy Edward from Tansania made evaluations regarding the role of media in emerging and settlement of conflicts within the framework of disputes in their countries and region.

The Forum ended with adoption of final declaration.