23 May 2014 İstanbul

SAM and Marmara University held a workshop entitled “Turkey and China from Comparative Perspective; Economy, Politics and Society” in İstanbul on 23 May 2014.

SAM Chairman Prof. Ali Resül Usul, SETA İstanbul Economy Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Sadık Ünay, Seda Altan from New York University, Dr. Altay Atlı from Boğaziçi University, Assoc. Prof. Ulaş Başar Gezgin from İstanbul Gelişim University, Asst. Prof. Ceren Ergenç from Middle East Technical University, and Çağdaş Üngör Sunar from Marmara University attended to the workshop as well as other eminent academics and students of Marmara University.

During the workshop, cross-cultural dialogue between these two ancient nations was elaborated, local government structures were compared, and methods of two countries to use Soft Power and Public Diplomacy were discussed. Turkey and China’s perceptions and policies towards Middle East in terms of economic, political and social dimensions were also assessed during the workshop.