Vision paper_kapaksiteWe have been going through a highly dynamic process on a regional and global scale. The history of humanity has rarely seen an era in which such rapid changes have been experienced so intensely. If an
attitude maintaining the same dynamism is not adopted at this time, the dynamic international conjuncture will not only drag societies along against their wills, but will also do so in ways that may ultimately destroy those societies’ wills. Therefore, at a time of such dynamic conjuncture, countries and actors hoping to play a role in determining the future and to develop a vision oriented towards this future, have to meet this dynamism with an equal social and political dynamism above all, comprehend the logic, tissue and nature of this dynamism, and respond to it. This is not easy however, as
societies are confronted with many challenges in such periods of systematic transformations. To produce an appropriate response to these challenges is only possible if one maintains an attitude consistent with the dynamism of the transformation current without losing yourself in that current. Those who adopt a static attitude in dynamic conditions will soon after become victims of that dynamism. On the other hand, societies with a selfrenewing reflex show instead the ability to manage these processes and introduce a better prepared world and country to future periods and even to future centuries and generations.