Ambassador Ümit Yalçın

B.A. Faculty of Political Science, Ankara University

29.12.1989–01.07.1990 Assistant Attaché, Directorate of Human Resources, MFA
01.07.1990–01.04.1991 Assistant Attaché, Department of Eastern Europe and Asia, MFA
01.04.1991–30.11.1991 Military service
02.12.1991–29.08.1992 Assistant Attaché, Department of Western Europe
29.08.1992–30.09.1992 Attaché, Department of Western Europe, MFA
30.09.1992–29.09.1995 Attaché, Vice-Consul, Turkish Consulate General in Rotterdam
29.09.1995–14.10.1997 Second Secretary, Turkish Embassy in Baghdad
14.10.1997–30.09.1999 Second Secretary–First Secretary, Deputy Directorate General for the Middle East, MFA
30.09.1999–01.10.2003 First Secretary–Counselor, Turkish Embassy in Moscow
01.10.2003–29.10.2005 Head of Section, Head of Department, Special Advisor to the Minister, MFA
29.10.2005–01.10.2009 Consul General, Turkish Consulate General in Plovdiv
01.10.2009–15.01.2012 Consul General, Turkish Consulate General in Dubai
15.01.2012–01.05.2012 Head of Department, Deputy Directorate General for the Middle East, MFA
01.05.2012–15.12.2012 Ambassador, Turkish Embassy in Kuwait
15.12.2012–15.09.2014 Ambassador, Acting Director General-Director General, Directorate General for Bilateral Political Affairs, MFA
15.09.2014–06.10.2016 Deputy Undersecretary for the Middle East and Asia-Pacific
06.10.2016–14.10.2016 Acting Under Secretary
15.10.2016- Under Secretary


Under Secretary Yalçın speaks fluent English.