11-12 December 2013 Bursa

V. Uludağ Conference on International Relations entitled “Re-Building Peace and Security” was organized with the contribution of SAM in Bursa between 11-12 December 2013. The program of the conference can be reached from here.

Assoc. Prof. Mesut Özcan, Chairman of SAM, Assoc. Prof. Şaban Kardaş, Advisor at Diplomacy Academy, gave a speech at the “Recent Developments in Turkish Foreign Policy” in the special panel dedicated to SAM. Assoc. Prof. Ferhat Pirinççi, Advisor at SAM was among the organizers of the conference and Assist. Prof. Murat Yeşiltaş, Advisor at SAM also delivered a speech. In addition, within the context of ‘call for paper’ format, many academics and bureaucrats from several countries made presentations pertaining to the theme of the conference.

During the conference, various dimensions of “security” concept including the asymmetric threats were elaborated through concrete examples and security perceptions of international actors were evaluated. Current regional and international initiatives aiming at providing peace and security were another focal point in the course of the discussions. Besides, speakers have dwelled upon Turkey’ bilateral and multilateral efforts on maintaining peace and security in its immediate vicinity and beyond.