2 May 2013 Istanbul

The workshop on “Non-Violence in the Construction of Peace” was organised with the support of SAM by Communities Without Boundaries International, Inc. (CWBI), Sabancı University’s Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) and Yalova University’s Center for International Conflict Resolution and Research (CICRI) on 2 May 2013 in Istanbul.

Students, NGO representatives and journalists participated interactively at the workshop where CWBI President Johnny Mack and Senior Vice-President Maneshka Eliatamby provided information on peace, conflict, violence and non-violence.

Communities Without Boundaries International, Inc.(CWBI) is a non-profit NGO that is founded by Afro-American Civil Rights Movement leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s son Martin Luther King III. The aim of CWBI is to contribute to the peace processes in the conflict exposed regions through development research, educational and technical assistance.

CWBI, which conducted many peace construction services in many parts of the world such as Africa, Balkans, Middle East, South Asia and Latin America, also maintained the philosophy of Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr through the trainings of “Non-Violence in the Construction of Peace”.