8 April 2013 Kuwait

A workshop entitled “Turkish Kuwaiti Perspectives For A Better Future” was held in cooperation by the Institute of Strategic Thinking (SDE) and Kuwait University Arabian Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Center (CGAPS) on 8th April, 2013 in Kuwait with support of Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities, the Public Diplomacy Coordinator’s Office and Center for Strategic Research (SAM).

The Turkish delegation was represented by Assoc.Prof. Mesut Ozcan, Vice President of SAM, Kemal Yurtnac, President of Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities, Prof.Dr.Yasin Aktay, Director of SDE, Dr.Sıdıka Başçı, Coordinator of SDE Economic Studies, Assoc.Prof.Ahmet Uysal, Coordinator of SDE Middle Eastern Studies, and Ass.Prof.Ahmet Öztürk from Osmangazi University in the workshop hosted by Kuwait University. Prof.Dr. Abdul Redha Ali Assiri, Dean of the College of Social Sciences, Dr. Obaid Al-Otaibi, Director of CGAPS and several academicians. The workshop has an important position since it has been the first academic organization between Turkey and Kuwait.

Mr. Murat Tamer, Ambassador of Turkey to Kuwait, also participated in the conference and made an opening speech. The economic, cultural, academic dimensions of Turkish-Kuwaiti relations, bilateral relations in the scope of Gulf Cooperation Council, the commercial sanctions imposed by Kuwait, Turkey’s regional foreign policy and improving positive influence in the Middle East and potential cooperation capabilities were the topics discussed during the workshop.