24 February 2016 Ankara

A workshop entitled “Violent Extremism: DAESH as a Matter of Fact and the Dynamics of Recruitments” was conducted by SAM in Ankara, on 24 February 2016.

The two-session workshop brought together scholars and experts studying on policy, security, theology and antropology. This workshop was organized with the thought that in order to fully understand the dynamics of DAESH a collaborative work on these areas is needed. Hence, during the workshop, participants highlighted their areas of research and shared their understandings related to DAESH recruitments in point of antropology and theology, as well as policy and security.

In the first session, views on dynamics and motivations of recruitments were discussed in detail. During the second sesion, in the light of views discussed in first session, participants shared their views on what should be done and what kind of measures should be taken to prevent recruitments.