Instructions for Authors

Perceptions publishes three types of manuscripts:

  1. Commentaries should be 3,000 to 4,000 words including the endnotes and discuss a topical issue that would be of interest to the readers. They should make a short and provocative argument with policy relevance.
  2. Articles should be around 6,000 to 8,000 words including the endnotes and comprehensively discuss and analyze the findings of original research in the field of international relations.
  3. Book reviews should be around 1,000 to 1,500 words and evaluate the main strengths and weaknesses of a contemporary book published in the field of international relations.

All manuscripts should include an indented and italicized abstract of around 150-200 words, which should which should describe the main arguments and conclusions, and 5-7 keywords, indicating the main themes of the manuscript.

Manuscripts should be single-spaced written by Times New Roman regular font, 12 point throughout. Justified margins; top, bottom, left and right 3 cm are required. Manuscripts should be numbered consecutively throughout the paper. Only the first letters of title words should be ‘upper case’. Quotations should be placed within double quotation marks (“……”). Quotations larger than four lines should be indented at left margin and single-spaced.

All manuscripts should use endnotes (without bibliography). British punctuation and spelling should be used throughout. Dates should be in the form 3 November 1996; 1995-1998; and 1990s.

All diagrams, charts and graphs should be referred to as figures and consecutively numbered. Tables should be kept to a minimum and contain only essential data. Each figure and table must be given an Arabic numeral, followed by a heading, and be referred to in the text. Appropriate places of tables should be indicated in the text and tables should be submitted in a separate file.

If copyrighted material is used in the article, it is the author’s responsibility to obtain permission from the copyright holder.

Names of the authors, places and the publishing houses are required to be written in their original forms. The styles of the references in endnotes should conform the following examples:


John Smith, The Book Title, New York: New York Publishing Co., 1999, p. 100.

John E. Smith (ed.), The Book Title, New York: New York Publishing Co., 1999, pp. 100-102.

John Smith and Mary Jones, The Book Title, New York: New York Publishing Co., 1999, p. 100.

Subsequent references should appear as: Smith, The Book Title, p. 100.

In endnotes ‘ibid.’ should be used where possible, but it should not be used where the previous note contains more than one source.

Articles in Journals

John Smith, “Article Title,” Journal Name, Vol. #, No. #, Month/Year, p. #.

Subsequent references should appear as: Smith, “Article Title,” p. #.

Articles in Edited Books

John Smith, “Article Title,” in Mary Jones, Book Title, New York: New York Publishing Co., 1999, p. 100.

Newspaper Article

Christopher Hooton, “Japan is turning its abandoned golf courses into solar power plants,” The Independent, July 21, 2015.

Manuscript References

PRO King’s Remembrancer’s Memoranda Roll, E159/69, m. 78.

BM Add. MS 36042, fo.2 (plural fos.). Four-figure numerals without comma or space: 2572.

Titles of other record repositories, and names of collections of papers, in full in first reference:

Scottish Record Office (hereafter SRO), Airlie Papers, GD 16, section 38/82, April 5, 1844.

Compton Papers, kept at the estate office of the Marquess of Northampton, Castle Ashby (hereafter CA), bdle. 1011, no.29.

Official Papers

Parliamentary Papers: Select Committee on Manufacturers (Parl. Papers, 1833, VI), 0.456. Subsequent references as :
SC on ... (PP, 1839, VII), 00.2347.
Hansard (Commons), 4th ser. XXXVI, 641–2, August 22, 1895.


For titles of published and unpublished theses use italics:
John E. Smith, Title of Thesis, unpublished Ph.D. thesis, Name of the University, Year, Chapter #, p. #

Internet References

Azam Ahmed and Julie Hirschfeld Davis, “U.S. and Cuba Reopen Long-Closed Embassies,” The New York Times, July 20, 2015, (Accessed July 21, 2017).

Title of Book Reviews

Türk Basınında Dış Habercilik (Foreign News Reporting in the Turkish Media), by M. Mücahit Küçükyılmaz and Hakan Çopur. Ankara: SETA, 2010, 168 pages, ISBN 9786054023073.

Book Reviews

To have their recently published books in the journal, publishers are kindly requested to send copies of their most recent titles on Turkish Foreign Policy, International Relations, International Political Economy, Political Science, Political History and the Middle East, Caucasus, Eurasia, Asian Pacific, Africa and Latin American area studies to the Book Review Editor.

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