SAM Paper No:15
Turkey and The United Nations Reform: Turkey’s Case for a More Effective, Representative and Participatory United Nations

Prof. Dr. Oktay F. Tanrısever

This SAM Paper explores the origins, characteristics, and implications of Turkey’s call for a United Nations (UN) reform which could make the UN a more effective, representative and participatory international organization. The key highlights of the SAM Paper are as follows:

The SAM Paper claims that the existing UN system needs to be reformed due its shortcomings in responding to the security, economic and socio-cultural challenges facing the members of the UN especially in the post-Cold War period.

In addition, the increasingly ineffective, unrepresentative and exclusionary character of the existing UN system seems to be the main factor behind the current crisis of the UN system.

Moreover, although Turkey has increasingly contributed to UN activities in promoting global security, development and human rights, especially since the early 2000s, Turkey has not been represented in the decision-making processes of the UN system adequately due to the inertia of the existing UN system.

Furthermore, if supported by like-minded UN members, Turkey’s vision for UN reform has strong potential to enhance the capacity of the UN system to promote a more secure and prosperous, as well as multi-cultural and multi-civilizational international system.

The SAM Paper particularly notes that it is very important to broaden the permanent membership positions of the UN Security Council (UNSC) by incorporating Turkey and other emerging powers, such as Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan into the UNSC as permanent members, since this could enhance the UNSC’s capacity to respond to crisis zones and enhance peace and stability throughout the world.

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